Terms of Trade

Terms Of Trade Of Warkworth Whiteware as at January 2019



Bookings where available will be made through the Warkworth Whiteware website or through the office Admin staff.

Jobs will be scheduled within a four hour period on a set day, that day being determined by technician availability.

A booking does not require the customer to be on site, Access arrangements can be made at anytime.

If a job is to be rescheduled by the customer, confirmed contact must be made prior to 8am on the day of the booking.

If a job is to be rescheduled by Warkworth Whiteware, the customer will be contacted with as much notice as possible.

The person logging the job with Warkworth Whiteware or any representative of Warkworth Whiteware, the Manufacturer or Retailer is responsible for the job and ensuring the final account is paid by the customer or owner of the appliance.

Office staff will call to remind customers about standard bookings one business day prior to the booking, a message may be left on the contact number.


Unavailable Customer

If a site is attended and the customer is not available with no access arrangements able to be made the customer is liable and accepts the standard charges associated with that visit.



Access may be given by persons already on site, meeting persons on site, supplying a key, gate codes, door codes, alarm codes or any combination of the above. Information supplied for access may be retained for the purpose of that work but will be secured and only be used after that with the permission of the customer/person supplying that access information.

During the course of work the Owner/Occupant grants the technician access to relevant cupboards and rooms for the purpose of power and water isolation and prevention/Isolation of water spill including use of towels/cloths in the event of urgent spillage response without concequence.


Health and Safety

Warkworth Whiteware strives to work in a safe and efficient manner.

Though work is commonly performed in a residential property, when any technician is on site or work is in progress it is then deemed to be our workplace and must comply with regulations under the “Health and Safety at Work Act 2015”.

The customer is responsible for ensuring all persons, animals and objects are clear of the working zone and Warkworth Whiteware is not liable for any property, persons or animals being harmed as a result of unauthorised access into that working zone.


Working Zone

The “Inner Working Zone” is any area the appliance to be serviced is located, It is made of any area taken up by parts associated with the appliance and tools required to work on the appliance.

The “Outer Working Zone” is a path to and from the technician’s vehicle and the “Inner Working Zone”.

The customer will not access the “Inner Working Zone” containing whilst the work is being performed without first asking the technician as safety hazards may be present.



A fixed Assessment fee will be applied to the first appliance giving an assessment of that appliance, an “Additional Appliance Assessment Fee” will be applied to any additional appliances assessed on that visit.

On return visits a “Site Visitation fee” (Location Dependant) per visit will be applied.

Also Labour at $75 per hour (+gst) on the job will be charged split into segments of an hour.

An Administration Fee of $10 per appliance May be charged.

Parts/additional costs will be priced as and when required.

Credit card payment has an additional surcharge of 5%, this is based on charged billed to us and will be applied at the time of transaction.


Special Conditions Of Work

Warkworth Whiteware reserves the right to impose special terms for credit or payment on any customer without justification if it believes those terms are reasonable in ensuring payment for services or products rendered, these customers will be made aware of these terms before work is carried out, these special terms will be an addition to the other terms of trade, where conflicting the special terms will over rule the other conditions in these terms of trade.


Manufacturers/ Extended warranty

Due to Manufacturer and Extended Warranty Supplier rules Warkworth Whiteware must be made aware when booking a job if any product to be inspected is or maybe covered by Manufacturers or an Extended Warranty.

Failure to do so deems all costs and charges are accepted by the customer as per out of warranty/Extended warranty situation.


Proof Of Purchase

Any work covered by Manufacturers Warranty/Extended Warranty requires Proof of Purchase, this must be provided for technician inspection upon first visit.


Out Of Warranty Cover

If any appliance to be inspected is outside of the warranty period but the customer deems it is the responsibility of the Manufacturer to cover the costs of repair/inspection it is the responsibility of the Customer to contact the Manufacturer and arrange authority to be billed by Warkworth Whiteware prior to job completion.

If authority is not given prior to repair completion the customer is required to pay Warkworth Whiteware as per normal invoice and the customer can continue to contact the Manufacturer in an attempt to be reimbursed.



Parts will be supplied to Warkworth Whiteware by the Manufacturer of your appliance, one of their agents or a suitable alternative may be sourced by Warkworth Whiteware.

Any parts ordered at the request of the Customer are ordered at the cost of that customer.

If the appliance has not been inspected by Warkworth Whiteware for the purpose of that part supply the customer takes all responsibility and liability for those parts being correct and the costs associated if that part is not correct, or if the parts do not repair the unit as expected.



Two types of quote may be given, Both are only valid for 7 days however may be extended at the discretion of Warkworth Whiteware.



“Quote”- This is where a unit has been assessed and requires further work to repair, this is a price to repair based on information gathered by the customer or technician inspection of the appliance.

If the quote is based on the customer information only, the customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information and paying the quoted price regardless of if it repairs the appliance.

If this quote is declined any work to that point assessing the appliance will be payable by the customer.


“Quote to test” This is where the unit cannot be fully assessed without being partially repaired, in this state the customer will be explained their options. If this “Quote to test” is given and accepted the unit will be repaired to the point it can be re assessed, if there is no further faults with the unit the “Quote to test” will stand as price to repair.

If the unit is repaired under “Quote to test” and shows further fault a “Quote” will then be given.

At this stage if the “Quote” is declined the “Quote to test” will still apply and be payable regardless of unit condition.

If a quote is accepted and a machine repaired but not successfully the unit will be re assessed and a new quote given to repair, if the new quote is declined the machine will be returned to a similarly usable or better state than upon original assessment and the original assessment charges payable.



Payment must be made via Cash, Cheque, Direct Bank Credit, Eftpos, Debit Card, Master Card or Visa on the day of invoice.

(Payment by Cheque can only be made where guaranteed by the customer the cheque will have cleared within the 7days following invoice)

(Eftpos, Debit Card, Master Card or Visa can only be used where Warkworth Whiteware’s Mobile Device or Office Device is available, the Office device allows for over the phone payment)

Credit card payment has an additional surcharge, this will be applied at the time of transaction.

Any intended variation of this Payment period by the customer must be brought to the attention of Warkworth Whiteware prior to any work being started and an agreed arrangement must be made prior to work being carried out, failure to pre arrange payment deems acceptance of full payment on the date of invoice.


Commercial Credit

If the customer intends to pay after the standard due date this must be made known on initial booking of the job, a Commercial Credit Application will be sent to the customer and must be Completed, Returned and Authorised by Warkworth Whiteware Management before the invoice date of the job, if the application has not been authorised by the invoice date the standard terms of payment apply.


Payment Failure

This is where full payment has not been made within 7 days of invoice (including failure for a Cheque to clear)

After 7 days of invoice an account is declared “Overdue”.

Once an account is declared “Overdue”, on the first business day of the following months a late payment fee of $45 + Gst will be applied re occurring until the account including penalties is paid in full.

This Late payment fee/fees maybe back dated at any time if they have not been applied on the above dates.

After three consecutive months the total balance will be passed to debt collection and their processes/policies will be followed including but not limited to public listing of default payment, Their fees will be added to the balance as total payable to them.



Cancellation/Change of mind

Parts purchased without a Warkworth Whiteware job to fit them can only be returned as “Change of Mind” the same day they were purchased and in their originally sealed packaging, any parts that are not supplied in packaging will be assessed for “Attempt to use” and accepted or rejected (if the part is classified as used it cannot be returned) at the discretion of Warkworth Whiteware.

Any parts that have been specially ordered (were not general stock of Warkworth Whiteware) cannot be returned as change of mind as they are special order.

Any parts ordered without a job to fit them can be cancelled but any charges associated with those parts are still payable if the part order cannot be cancelled without charge to Warkworth Whiteware.

Any job can be cancelled without charge until the technician has arrived on site for the 1st visit.

If the technician is told onsite they are no longer required and no confirmed contact with Warkworth Whiteware staff was made before that time the customer is liable for the full Site Visitation fee applicable to that visit.

Once the “Quote/Quote to test” has been accepted he customer has the right to change their mind regarding the repair of a product up until the final repair has begun.

In this event the customer is liable for all costs up until the information has been logged in the company system including the costs of parts ordered and potentially not yet received if they cannot be cancelled without charge to Warkworth Whiteware or its Agent.



All completed service work comes with a standard parts and/or fitting failure warranty beginning on the date of invoice for a period of 3 calendar months conditional that the account has been paid in full.

The warranty of the goods shall be the warranty of the original manufacturer or where this is not available the warranty of the supplier to Warkworth Whiteware.

Parts will only have warranty if they are fitted by an authorised technician or if they are deemed to be a customer replaceable part as per the Appliance Manufactures Use and Care Manual.

Warkworth Whiteware shall not be liable for failure or any damage or loss caused as a result irrespective of period since repair if the failure is a direct result of improper use of the appliance or failing to maintain the appliance as per the Manufacturers Use and Care Instructions.

Warkworth Whiteware will not be liable in any way if a new fault has occurred that was not present at the time of repair even if the new fault has caused failure of the replaced parts or its fitting.

Payment of any invoice to Warkworth Whiteware can not be withheld based on any customer deemed “Warranty Period”.

If an account has not been paid in full, the amount owing may be required prior to any further repair being performed under that invoices warranty.

If the customer chooses to use another agency to service any unit whilst under the above warranty that warranty is deemed void and no costs can be passed to Warkworth Whiteware irrespective of the fault or cause, (the only exception are circumstances under the “Consumer Guarantees Act 1993” if they apply.)

Under “Repair Warranty” Warkworth Whiteware shall perform one of the following:

1)    Repair the unit back to the repair standard of the invoice the warranty is covering for,

2)    Offer to repair the unit to a better standard at a subsidised rate if the appliance has additional damage or faults that are not a part of the warranty but must be attended to for the purpose ensure the safe operation of the appliance. If the customer declines to have the additional repairs performed they cannot ask for a refund on previous work performed if that repair was successful for any period of time.

3)    The Appliance may be forfeited to Warkworth Whiteware for the purpose or removing fitted parts and the customer refunded an amount less the cost of the original assessment which was performed as originally requested.


Under “Part Warranty” Warkworth shall perform one of the following:

1)    If the part was classed as “Consumer replaceable” as per the appliance use and care manual and the part is deemed after inspection to have failed by manufacturer fault the part may be: a) replaced with the current equivalent part.

b) refunded the originally paid amount.

2) If the part was not classed as “Consumer replaceable” as per the appliance use and care manual the part must have been fitted by an authorised person and not have failed due to fitting or improper use of the part, these parts will be inspected and if accepted for return may be:

2)    a) replaced with the current equivalent part.

b) refunded the originally paid amount.


2nd Hand Appliances- These will be supplied with a 3month warranty on failure of components where the failure has not occurred due to customer introduced items or missuse.

If the unit has been collected from Warkworth whiteware on purchase it must be delivered back to Warkworth whiteware for repair.

Installation and visit costs will only be covered if installation has been included in the sale and the installation has not been altered, tampered with or moved at any time.


Additional Terms Of Trade

These “Terms Of Trade” Can and Will be amended at any time without notice, the customer is bound by the current/amended “Terms Of Trade” up until full payment of any invoice has been paid.

The Customer by Scheduling work to be attended to is agreeing to be bound by these “Terms Of Trade” irrespective of the ownership of the appliance to be repaired.

The “Terms of Trade” will be easily available on the Warkworth Whiteware Website or can be supplied to the customer upon request.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have read, understand and agree to the “Terms Of Trade” before making contact with Warkworth Whiteware and no exemption will be made for ‘ignorance of’ or “misunderstanding of”.


Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

These “Terms Of Trade” are not intended in any way to conflict with the “Consumer Guarantees Act 1993”.

The “Consumer Guarantees Act 1993” does not apply to any services and/or supplies rendered to a Business and/or for Business purposes or any appliance that’s use could be deemed as commercial by quantity of use and therefore those services and/or supplies are bound by these “Terms Of Trade”.

By booking in a job the customer accepts our charges and deems them to be “Fair and reasonable” as defined by the “Consumer Guarantees Act 1993”.

Services performed and/or parts provided that have not been charged for are deemed “Gifted” for the benefit of the customer under the “Consumer Guarantees Act 1993” and contain no warranty nor liability.

If any part of these Terms Of Trade are deemed to be unlawful all remaining terms will still apply and be adhered to.